Consonance and dissonance have a biological basis, and people might be born with it.

Consonance and dissonance have a biological basis, and people might be born with it. Consonance is a cultural invention that is unique to the western listeners who grew up in western cultures. However, the experiment showed that consonance and dissonance are not connected to western culture. As people were exposed to the combination of consonants, they liked them compared to the combination of dissonant. The experiment included people who have had exposure to western cultures, people from the US, along with people with no exposure to western culture, who came from Bolivia. The results for both the consonant and dissonant chords were the same for both groups. They liked the consonant combinations and disliked the dissonant combinations. Also, for laughter and gasps sounds, both the westerners and non-westerners gave the same results. Laughers were pleasant, while gasps were not. Therefore, based on the experiment, there is no connection between western cultures and the chords.

The polyphonic Tiger Rag jazz is a polyphony with multiple melodies sung by different instruments. The melodies stagger and start at different times. For Glenn Miller jazz, it is a single melody but accompanied by chords in the background. The sounds start at the same time, and there is slower. Glenn miller jazz has a clear melody as the chords could be heard as there is no combination of a lot of sounds from different instruments. For the Tiger Jazz, there is a lot of melodies going on in the background, which makes it difficult to follow through the chords. For Miler, the melody is clear, and the flow can be clearly heard, especially with the slowness of the tempo. I prefer the Miller Jazz due to its flow, clarity of chords, and to add on, it is soothing with less noise. The jazz can be heard and giving a soothing feeling to its audience.



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