Conflict Management

Conflict Management Is Paramount in Any Group

The most challenging stage of my work group setting was the third stage, norming. Conflict resolution was challenging for our group to work through because the norms of our group were not always clearly established or understood (Super, 2020). For example, one person would feel like they were being left out when they came to a decision that they did not have any part in making. However, there are many resources available on how to work with conflict and what constitutes appropriate behavior in group settings; we were able to resolve this issue by utilizing these resources and adjusting our language as needed. The group members were impatient and lacked the necessary skills and experience to resolve conflicts effectively, develop relationships, or enhance harmony and unity surfaces. This resulted to high intensity conflict and though we had a very good understanding of the stage, we were unable to utilize it effectively. Anxiety among the group members created a negative environment that comprised of the more conflicts and disintegration. Lack of effective addressing of the group’s conflicts and the emerging trends makes it hard for a group to continue functioning in unison and hence it is swayed of from achieving its goals (Super, 2020). Thus, it is not relevant and it is eliminated. However, the stage did serve to strengthen or develop my leadership skills.

How I Helped the Team at the Norming Stage

Through my leadership skills that comprised of people skills, decision making skills, and critical thinking skills, I was able to help my team work through the challenges of the norming stage. I was able to effectively create an environment where every group member felt that their opinion was heard and evaluated. This made it easy for us to solve conflicts since all members had been included. I developed a trusting environment that encouraged the free expression of ideas so that the team could follow their thoughts and develop effective solutions to problems (Pessagno, 2020). Also, understanding the different conflict resolution styles and personality types helped guide me toward developing a solution that everyone would like. In future group settings, I will make sure that we have identified our common goals as well as having a clear understanding of how each person’s role will benefit the group as a whole. The way their beliefs and attitudes were developed made their work in forming a group much more challenging but also more enjoyable. The group members took different roles based on their values and beliefs; this allowed for each member to acquire a role within this new concept called a “team”.


Super, J. F. (2020). Building innovative teams: Leadership strategies across the various stages of team development. Business Horizons, 63(4), 553-563.

Pessagno, R. (2020). Group Therapy: Stages of Group Development. Case Study Approach to Psychotherapy for Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses, 95.



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