Client stated” he w W.P., a 32-year-old Asian female, is brought to the hospital and placed in your

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Client stated” he w W.P., a 32-year-old Asian female, is brought to the hospital and placed in your care. W.P. is well known to you and others in the hospital for being a frequent flyer. However, on this visit, W.P. tells you that her husband beats her repeatedly and she comes to the hospital for help but is fearful that he will find out. She tells you, “Please do not tell anyone about this.” The patient’s husband happens to be a prominent professor at the local university and is always in the paper for helping the less fortunate in the community. He is also a hospital board member.

Begin by selecting one of the preceding case studies as the topic for your paper.
Your paper should begin with a thesis paragraph summarizing your position with regard to the ethical and cultural issue(s) present in the case study.
The body of your paper should provide support for your thesis and should demonstrate critical thinking in planning culturally sensitive care for the client.
The body of the paper should include five sections (not including the thesis paragraph).
Section 1: Define the problem. Be sure to get to the heart of the ethical and cultural issues present in the case study. You must identify at least one ethical issue in the case
Section 2: Analyze the problem. Carefully analyze the problem and explain its significance to the patient and to the patient’s culture as a whole. Be sure to recognize the various perspectives associated with the ethical and cultural issue(s) in the case study.
Section 3: Design a minimum of three possible solutions to the problem.
Section 6: Select a theory discussed in the Mental Health book and apply it to your solution. Why does this theory reinforce the best possible solution to the problem?
Your thesis paragraph 
IMPORTANT: retrieve, read, and cite at least one peer-reviewed journal article to support your argument.
be objective in your response. This is not a paper for sharing your feelings on the topic. You must be able to support your ideas with current, peer-reviewed literature. Avoid inserting personal bias into the discussion. Be sure to use appropriate literature and not self-reflection or feelings regarding the situation.

For this assignment, you will select one of the cases that follow and write a 3-5 page expository paper that addresses both the ethical and cultural aspects of caring for the patient. You will have the opportunity to identify ethical issues within the field of mental health nursing and you will use principles of sound reasoning to plan culturally sensitive care for clients.

Ethics and culture are important components of nursing care. It is important for you to thoroughly understand and apply the five principles of bioethics: beneficence, autonomy, justice, fidelity, and veracity. You must also understand cultural competence in order to care for all patients holistically. Dr. Josepha Campinha-Bacote recommends a blueprint with the Process of Cultural Competence in the Delivery of Health Care Mode



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