Chloe and Chih-Ming (Chih for short) are a fairly typical Australian couple who have three children.

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Chloe and Chih-Ming (Chih for short) are a fairly typical Australian couple who have three children. Chang, the eldest, is ten, followed by Hannah, who is six, and Mia who is the baby of the family at two, going on three years of age. They’ve been married for 12 years and they get along very well together. Chloe works full-time as a florist, which involves some evening and weekend work. Chih-Ming works as an accountant in a law firm. He’s well paid, but not too sure about his long-term job prospects due to the increasing use of technology in his work. He has been doing unpaid overtime to enhance his prospects of retaining employment, but it has made it very difficult to organise childcare for Mia and after school care for Chang and Hannah. They don’t see very much of Chloe’s Mum and Dad who live interstate or Chih’s parents who live in Taiwan. It’s been especially difficult in the past two years with the boarders closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Both sets of parents/grandparents text and talk with them regularly and Skype with the children once a week. 


In the last 12 months, Mia has been very difficult to manage and she has had some problems at childcare. The carers have told Megan, she doesn’t play well with the other children and has hit out on a number of occasions. She stays very close to Chloe when she’s at home and gets very tearful when Chloe and Chih go to work. Hannah, is much easier to manage and she is doing very well at school. According to the teacher, her literacy and numeracy skills are quite advanced for a child of her age. However, she does very little physical activity and she’s quite overweight, almost obese. Chloe and Chih try to encourage her to eat less sugary and fatty foods and get more exercise, but it’s difficult when they’re all so busy and they don’t have time for exercise, themselves. Chang is also very settled and he does well at school, especially in maths and science. He loves everything to do with IT and he wants to be a computer programmer one day.


Explain why Mia’s emotional and behavioural problems, if not resolved, may impact on her future schooling



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