Case Study Mrs. Frances Downs is a 68 year old widow who lives alone in her two story house.  She i

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Case Study

Mrs. Frances Downs is a 68 year old widow who lives alone in her two story house.  She is a Type 2 diabetic and requires insulin as part of her medication regimen. 


You have been visiting her for over a year now and have noticed in the last 6 months that she seems to be getting worse. She has open sores on her legs that the registered staff is dressing them daily.  She can only have showers because of the wounds and these must be covered with plastic so they don’t get wet.  She has been becoming progressively blind and there is a question of kidney failure now as well.  

She is about 50 lbs overweight but says she doesn’t care now anyway.  


You noticed on your last visit that she looked like she might have a cut on her right foot and that she hasn’t been wearing her slippers or shoes lately.  


You arrived at her home at 0900 to assist with her bathing and get her bedroom cleaned ready for the registered staff to come and change the leg dressings.  Frances usually has her breakfast before you come and is able to take her insulin herself as long as the registered staff nurse prepares it for her the day before as she can’t read the syringes to get the correct dose.


When you arrived at her home, you notice that she looks tired. She states that she vomited once during the night and had 2 episodes of loose stool. She states she is feeling nauseated today and says that she didn’t eat much for breakfast because of that, but she got her morning Insulin dose. 

When you ask to look at her foot today you notice more redness and purulent discharge coming from the wound.  

A. As you are tidying the room and cleaning you notice that she starts to look very gray in colour and diaphoretic.  You ask her if she is ok and she says she feels like she is going to faint and is really shaky.

What do you suspect is happening with Mrs. Downs?  


2. What is your plan of action at this time?  Be specific.

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