Case Scenario 3 – Mrs. Roland The PSW Corrina, is visiting Ms. Roland in her home. Ms. Roland is a 6

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Case Scenario 3 – Mrs. Roland The PSW Corrina, is visiting Ms. Roland in her home. Ms. Roland is a 65 year-old woman who has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and is confined to her wheelchair, with only the use of her right hand. She lives on her own and has PSW’s visiting her twice daily. Corrina has been seeing Mrs. Roland for the past few weeks in the evening time, assisting the client with her oral hygiene, emptying her urinary drainage bag, and putting her to bed using a hoyer lift. This evening when Corrina enters the home, she finds the client in the kitchen, appearing somewhat tense and anxious. Mrs. Roland says to Corrina, “Well it’s about time you got here! That PSW Tricia who saw me during the day left me in a terrible state, I feel so uncomfortable in my chair! I called your office, but they said they couldn’t send any one for an extra visit to help me. It’s so unfair! Do you know what it’s like to be trapped in this body?” Corrina proceeds to provide care to Mrs. Roland, however, no matter what Corrina does, the client doesn’t seem happy, accusing Corrina of rushing and not being more understanding of her situation. The time allotted for this client’s visit is 45 minutes and Mrs. Roland is Corrina’s last client to see on her shift, however, she has been there for well over an hour. Corrina is tired, but Mrs. Roland keeps asking Corrina to adjust her body in bed, saying she still isn’t comfortable. 



Case study questions 1. Based on the case study information above, which of the following behaviours do you feel Mrs. Roland is experiencing; anger, agitation, rage, mood swings, paranoia, stuck on grievances, volatile personality traits, or a combination of any of them. 


2. Describe the characteristics that Mrs. Roland is displaying from the case study above which lead you to conclude the kind of behaviour you feel this client is experiencing. 


3. What is the priority concern with the behaviour that Mrs. Roland is displaying? Explain why you feel this is the priority concern. 



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