Capstone Thesis and Diversity and Social Justice

Part 1For Part 1 of this Discussion Board, you are asked to reflect on your Commitment to Diversity and Social Justice. This professional educator disposition commitment includes:

  • Demonstrates cultural respect and understanding
  • Displays sensitivity to ethnically, linguistically, cognitively, physically, socially diverse groups and individuals
  • Treats all people equally
  • Believes in equal educational/vocational opportunity
  • Advocates high and appropriate expectations for all students

Drawing from your previous professional experience, discuss specific examples where you have demonstrated these qualities. In thinking of the career pathways that might open for you once you have completed a graduate degree in education, how important will commitment to diversity and social justice be? 

Part 2

Imagine that you have just accepted an offer for your dream job in education. Describe the job, its responsibilities, and the nature of the organization. What made you the ideal candidate for this role?Now imagine that within the first few days or weeks of starting there, you realize that the organizational culture does not support a commitment to social justice or diversity. What steps might you take in your role to change this organizational culture? What risks might you encounter in doing so, and how would you navigate those risks?


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