Can you please take a look at this essay. does this adequately address the issues commented    Sig

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Can you please take a look at this essay. does this adequately address the issues commented 


Significance of the Problem & Theoretical Framework

 In the United States African Americans make up only 13.4% of the population living in the United States all of 2021. (The United State Census Bureau, 2021) Within the United States mothers play a very multifaceted role in society that have changed over time. In the modern family today mothers are often therapist, breadwinners, healthcare providers, teachers, all on top of being caregivers. Hence mothers play a vital role in the growth and development of the family, the loss of a matriarch can emotionally affect the family but also hurt the socioeconomic status of the family. Black women in the United States are at least two to three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than non-Hispanic white women in the United States (CDC, 2019, Burger,k. et. Al 2022). It is very important of us to combat the maternal mortality rate to protect our most vulnerable communities, therefore the question must be asked: Does addressing early education of implicit bias within healthcare providers result in better maternal mortality outcomes for African American women?

            Healthcare providers regardless of the discipline make a vow to help all their patients to the best of their abilities with minimal amount of harm. We aim to do the least amount of harm regardless of a patient race or ethnic background (The American Nurses Association 2015). However, the foundation of The United States was built on encourages systemic racism because black men and women have been unfairly treated and taken advantage for decades. Systemic racism is so engrained into our society, even the providers with the best intentions may have problems addressing their own implicit bias because they are unaware of the issue, also known as unconscious-bias (Burger, K. et al 2022). Within my literature review I examined the that regardless of socioeconomic status African American women and reported to have the same unsatisfactory experience in health facilities (Sacks, T. K. 2018). Therefore, nurses and other healthcare professionals need to address their fundamental biases to begin battling the maternal mortality rate in the black community. 

As nurses we are uniquely able to interact with patients on a more personal level than many other healthcare professionals. All throughout nursing school it is engrained in us to be culturally aware and respectful even though it is not held to the same regards as handwashing or bedside reporting. (Saluja, B., & Bryant, Z. 2021). I can attest to this fact in my current education, I am grateful for my background in social justice however that is not a universal experience. Overtime as nurses meet with their patients, they begin forming deep interpersonal relationships built on trust in our capabilities. Therefore, as nurses it is incredibly important for us to understand and be able to address certain biases that may occur within our field.

            The theoretical framework I plan to apply to this critical issue is the Iowa model to conduct the ideal way to battle implicit bias for nurses and other healthcare providers within the hospital and other clinical settings. The Iowa model aims to address clinical problems using evidence-based practice (Hopp 2020). The Iowa model is useful in assisting the combat of implicit bias because of the utilization of triggers that guide the user to make the best decisions to implement into practice. The participants within this project would include all hospital staff and personal, however most directly the project would be working with nurses, doctors, and health aides that interact with patients on a regular basis. The project itself would need to have an even closer view on medical professionals and nurses that work directly with African American mothers both antepartum and postpartum.  

Ideally, I would like to educate professionals before they begin interacting with the greater public however this plan is targeted for nurses and medical professional already in the hospital environment. I would suggest creating surveys or interviews to identify what conscious or unconscious biases people have within the hospital (Russell S. 2021). In order to conduct an educational module to battle implicit bias, it is important to find what level of understanding each individual currently has. Afterwards I would assess the data collected and analyze the findings. To address the racial disparity stated previously a plethora of education is needed to assist with the growth of health professionals. Therefore, hospitals would need to take advantage of their HR department, and pair with other mental health professionals like psychologists. This committee along with nurses and doctors from their various specialties will work together to conduct an educational module for all incoming and current nurses to complete.

 The creation of an educational model will require resources from computers all the way to professional speakers. Each facility would need to make implicit bias training mandatory for their staff. After the staff completes the training, I would introduce an anonymous survey to the patients following each visit to the hospital. In order to understand the target group which is African American women seeking resources for maternal health I would ask them specifically to fill out a survey online. As well as the survey online informatics nurses would need to be utilized to analyze data on the maternal mortality rates between specific time periods. To determine whether the interventions can be viewed as successful there would need to be a decrease in the maternal mortality rate within the hospitals the plan was being implemented in as well as an increase in African American women’s satisfaction in information given, and overall experience at the hospital. 

The basis of this plan is to protect black women, implementing a plan to assess the quality of healthcare which can be beneficial to the women we are attempting to help. However, it cannot go without saying that is does open this already vulnerable group up to being target by individuals that have racist intentions. When conducting this plan, it is of the utmost importance to protect these subjects from being targeted by upholding their anonymity throughout the data collection process. Equally so the goal is to educate our health care providers therefore both patience and understanding must be accompanied when addressing changes to conscious and unconscious bias. 



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