Amanda is a 48 year old Physiotherapist and the mother of two teenage children, Isabella who is 17 y

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Amanda is a 48 year old Physiotherapist and the mother of two teenage children, Isabella who is 17 years old and Lachlan who is 13. Amanda has been parenting on her own since her marriage with the children’s father, David, ended four years ago. She has maintained a working relationship with David since the divorce and the children stay with him most weekends on Friday and Saturday nights. Amanda has possession of the family home, and David makes support payments. He’s a good father to his children. Amanda works full-time as a Physiotherapist in a local suburban health centre. She loves her work, although it can be stressful at times due to the large number of patients she sees on a daily basis. Thanks to the additional money she earns due to working some evenings and Saturdays, and the financial support from David, Amanda can afford to continue to pay the mortgage on their home which is in a quiet suburb with good schools. She has a very good relationship with her own parents and also David’s parents who all live half an hour away by car. Her sisters Stephanie and Karen also live in the same city.


Amanda would like to find a partner, but she doesn’t have much time for getting out on her own to meet people. She has signed-up to one of the dating applications and has been out on a number of dates. There is one person she has seen on a few occasions, but Isabella and Lachlan have voiced their disapproval so she’s reluctant to introduce him to her family at this stage. They say she’s too old and that they don’t want a stranger moving into their home. This is surprising given that their father has had another partner for the last 18 months.  Amanda is very concerned about Isabella. She’s refusing to take her epilepsy medication because she hasn’t had a seizure for many years. She’s getting average marks in most subjects in Year 12 at school, but she has been spending more and more time with her friends. Although she’s not yet sexually active, she wants to start taking the contraceptive pill, as her friends do. She can’t take the pill and continue to take the medication for epilepsy. Lachlan has low self-esteem. He’s a very clever boy who prefers to read books and play video games than play sports or go to the beach. He has very bad acne that has been very difficult to treat. He has a small circle of friends at school, but some of the other boys bully him, calling him “pimple head” and “computer nerd”. He was very upset when his father left the family four years ago, although he now has a very good relationship with David, who is very supportive.

Outline four (4) additional challenges Isabella is facing with epilepsy during adolescence.



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