Alison is a single mother who has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. She also has

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Asked by LieutenantParrot4225

Alison is a single mother who has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. She also has a drug addiction (marijuana) and is morbidly obese.

She has a promiscuous history and currently lives with a man and they have a destructive, verbally abusive relationship. He tells her that she looks abnormal and Alison has very low self-esteem as a result. She has cut off her good friends but is in contact with her friends that feed her current condition (they are also addicts with unhealthy behaviours).

Alison does have supportive parents but they are both very ill. Her daughter is seven years old and is already displaying difficult behaviours. Alison has attempted to suffocate herself in the past.

How would you:

Share and collect information from Alison to collaboratively implement a plan for her recovery.
Discuss how you would work within each of the five domains of the national framework for recovery-oriented mental health services in working with Alison.
Discuss what multidisciplinary teams might be useful in Alison’s case.
List the professional boundaries that you may need to keep in mind in working with Alison.
Gather information from Alison and clarify her needs.
Discuss how you would apply the six best practice principles of recovery-oriented mental health practice to Alison’s situation.
Together identify the range and potential effects of social and other barriers that are impacting on Alison.
Facilitate a collaborative planning process for her recovery.
Consider and discuss the basic principles that you might take into account when setting realistic targets.
Consider some of the characteristics that help to build rapport and enhance communication and discuss how you would apply these to working with Alison.
Discuss how you would help Alison to develop her self-efficacy.
When setting targets with Alison, discuss what you might need to establish.
Develop a risk plan for Alison.
Collaboratively implement her plan for recovery.
Implement a recovery plan with Alison, using the recovery start to guide you.
Develop and maintain effective work relationships with her care support network.
Determine who Alison might like to choose to involve in their recovery process and the roles she wants them to play.
Discuss how you might facilitate support, training or services to Alison’s family and friends based on identified needs.
Support Alison during her challenges.
List some obstacles that you might face when working with Alison. Discuss how you might overcome these.
Collaboratively review the effectiveness of the plan and support with Alison.
When reviewing Alison’s plan, think about the things you should consider and discuss them.


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