Address the following questions/bullets in completing this…

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Address the following questions/bullets in completing this section:

What are you planning to investigate or implement as a policy/process or program?
What are you doing that is different than what is currently happening?
List 2-3 potential interventions that can be applied in this practice change.

NOTE: Be very specific in your description.




->Children and teenagers who have type 1 diabetes are the focus of this research project’s recruitment efforts.


->Children and teenagers who have type 1 diabetes are the focus of this research project’s recruitment efforts. Within this demographic, the ages range from 6 months all the way up to 3 years. The population will be divided between the sexes in an equal manner. The participants will come from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds.



->The clinical environment will serve as the location for the implementation of this project.



->It is not known what impact the intervention that is supported by evidence will have on the population that is being targeted. The purpose of the study is to investigate the impact that participation in a self-management education program has on glycemic control, quality of life, and hospitalization rates in type 1 diabetic children and adolescents.


Participants in the trial will be children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes who are already getting standard medical care. Participants will get treatment in either the standard care or the self-management education program based on a random assignment. The education program on self-management will be broken up into six group sessions, with each one lasting for a period of two hours. The sessions will take place on the first day of each month for the next six months. The fundamentals of diabetes will be covered, along with topics such as good diet, physical activity, managing sick days, reducing stress, and creating goals. Participants in the usual care group will get care according to the standard protocol, which may or may not include teaching on diabetes self-management.


Glycemic control will be evaluated based on hemoglobin A1c levels, and quality of life will be evaluated using the Diabetes Quality of Life scale. These two metrics will be the key ones used to evaluate the study’s success. Hospitalizations, the number of sick days taken, and the number of school days skipped are some of the secondary outcomes that will be measured.


The duration of the study will be somewhere between one and three years.

The findings of this study will assist in evaluating whether or not providing children and teenagers with type 1 diabetes with instruction on self-management is an effective form of intervention. If it proves to be helpful, it might be used on a larger scale to help improve the lives of young individuals living with this condition.





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