A nurse educated patient on the first line of anatomic barriers infection. Which patient statement i

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A nurse educated patient on the first line of anatomic barriers infection. Which patient statement indicates to the nurse need for further teaching?



The nurse provides education to an older adult patient regarding age related immune system changes. Which patient statement indicates a need for further teaching?


In reviewing the laboratory results for a patient admitted with hepatic disease. The nurse correlates which result with an increased risk of infection?


The nurse assesses a patient with surgical wound infection which clinical manifestation leads the nurse to conclude that the patient is experiencing a system respond to inflammation?


Which clinical manifestation noted during the patient assessment indicate the need to notified healthcare provider?


Which question does the nurse need to ask during a health history with the adolescent patient, accompanied by a parent to determine immune status?


The nurse correlates the function of the thymus was going to which outcome?


The nurse correlates an increased risk of infection in a patient receiving radiation therapy for lung cancer based on which of the following factors?


The nurse correlate to increase risk of autoimmune disorder in the older adults to which age-related change of the immune system?


Which of the following statements from the patient related to a scheduled bone marrow aspiration indicates patient understanding of the procedure?


Which type of leukocyte releases harpin as part of the inflammatory response? 


Which laboratory value requires an intervention by the nurse for the patient scheduled for a positron emission tomography (PET) scan?


The nurse recognizes which type of immunity as an example of passive immunity?


The nurse recognizes that which immunoglobin (Ig) is a mediator to allergic respond?


The nurse monitors for which laboratory result in a patient the history of chronic inflammation?


Select all that apply


The nurse is assessing a patient immune system. Which wish findings increase the patient’s risk for infection as a result of the alterations in mechanical barriers?


Nurse educates a patient who is malnourished to increase for that are considered complete protein source to decrease the risk of infection. Which food choices indicate to the nurse the need for further teaching?


The nurse correlates which factors immunosenescence?


The nurse is conducting a physical assessment of a patient with a compromised immune system. Which action by the nurse are appropriate?


In providing care to patients with compromised immune function it is important that the nurse understand types of immunity which of the following leads to acquired adaptive immunity?


Which location does the nurse include when discussing storage and production of lymphocytes during an education session for novice nurse?


The nurse is assessing a patient immune system. which finds increase the patient’s risk for infection as a result of operation in biochemical barrier?


In providing care to a patient with an acute inflammation three respond the nurse correlate the following physiological response as a part of this process. Place in physiological response in order from earliest to latest.
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