a.        A subjective claim that people might call “a fact”            An objective claim

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a.        A subjective claim that people might call “a fact”

           An objective claim that people might call “an opinion”

           What is the difference between a claim that is “objective” and a claim that is “subjective?”


Explain how mislabeling these claims could negatively impact the quality of a person’s thinking. You might try thinking of claims you could hear in a hospital or another work-related environment. If a person has confused objective with subjective or fact with opinion, what is the solution?



 b.         How are vagueness, ambiguity and generality used in politics or in law in order to achieve a desired                          outcome?

             What are some examples of how this might be applied in your future career?

             Include an example or two from current events that demonstrates the use of vagueness, ambiguity and                    generality.


c.          We often hear claims that “seem” credible and the sources of these claims can also seem credible at least               at first glance. Analyze the credibility of media sources:

        Do you believe that all media sources are credible? Why or why not?

  Why should we (or should we not) question the credibility of the information that is presented to us from      media sources?



d.          Find a two-minute clip on any debate aired on the news in the last year.

       Provide a link to the clip and address the following:

      What is the context of the argument being made?

Identify at least two or three rhetorical devices used during this debate and explain their effect on the audience. Do you think the speakers use these intentionally? If so, for what purpose? If not, explain your reasoning.



e.        Find an example of a fallacy used in popular advertising or any persuasive text. Upload the image/words or            provide a link.

           Identify the fallacy and why you think that this particular type of advertisement represents the fallacy that                you have chosen.




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