78-year-old Kathy Wu is a retired factory worker who resides in a nursing care facility. For the las

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78-year-old Kathy Wu is a retired factory worker who resides in a nursing care facility.
For the last eight years Kathy has suffered from Dementia and is now unable to walk unaided, has limited mobility and requires assistance with all her Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).
Kathy’s Past Medical History:

            – Hypertension

            – Smoker – smoker 5-10 cigarettes per day

            – Type II Diabetes Mellitus (diagnosed 20 years ago)

            – Osteoarthritis

            – Body Mass Index (BMI) = 31 (obese)

Kathy is dependent on staff for all mobilisation, movement in bed, pressure area care and requires a hoist transfer to her chair.
Kathy likes to sit in a recliner chair for up to 4 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.
Kathy requires assistance with showering on a commode chair and requires assistance with feeding.
Kathy is now incontinent of urine and faeces and wears incontinence pads. She often requires treatment for moisture associated skin damage in the perineal regions.
Kathy has a sacral stage 3 pressure injury that has been present for that past two months and requires daily dressings. The wound is malodourous, has increased purulent exudate and has an area of erythema (redness) approximately 7cms surrounding the wound. Kathy reports pain score 4/10 in her sacral wound area.
Kathy requires her Blood Glucose Level (BGL) checking QID.
Kathy’s usual oral medications include:

             – Metformin 500mg TDS

             – Captopril 25mg BD

             – Aspirin 150mg OD

             – Celecoxib 200mg OD

             – Paracetamol 500mg QID prn

Allergies: Nil
Kathy’s current vital signs:

             – Temperature (tympanic): 38.6 degrees C

             – Blood Pressure (BP): 134/81

             – Pulse Rate (HR): 75 bpm

             – Oxygen saturations (Sao2): 98% on room air

             – Respiratory rate (RR): 20 breaths/min, regular, equal air entry on auscultation with clear lung fields 

             – BGL = 8mmol/L

The visiting Doctor (Dr) requests a wound swab of Kathy’s sacral pressure injury and prescribes the following medication for Kathy: Augmentin Duo Forte (amoxicillin and clavulanic acid) 875/125mg, PO BD.


describe two nursing interventions to support diabetes management for Kathy.







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