55.  A patient is taking a drug that has known toxic side effects. What will the nurse do? a.  Mon

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55.  A patient is taking a drug that has known toxic side effects. What will the nurse do?

a.  Monitor the function of all organs potentially affected by the drug 

b. ensure that complete blood counts are ordered periodically 

c. discontinue the drug at the first sign of adverse effects


56.  A patient with chronic heart failure is brought to the emergency department with shortness of breath, intercostal retractions, and frothy pink sputum. The nurse caring for this patient will expect to administer which drug?

a. Furosemide

b. hydrochlorothiazide

c. Mannitol


62.  A nurse is preparing to administer oral medication to a patient who has myasthenia gravis. Which of the following actions should be performed before administering the medication?

a.  Have the patient empty his bladder

b.  Put up the side rails on the patient’s bed 

c. check the patient’s ability to swallow


64.  The nurse is teaching the patient taking a loop diuretic how to monitor for the adverse effect of ototoxicity. The patient has instructions when he says he will report which of the following symptoms to his health care provider?

a.  Photosensitivity 

b. blurred vision 

c. tinnitus


65.  A patient is using a metered dose inhaler containing Albuterol for asthma the medication label instructions the patient to administer every 4 hours as needed for coughing or wheezing the patient reports feeling jittery sometimes when taking the medication and states the medication is always effective. Which action is outside of the nurse’s scope of practice?

a.  Epinephrine has the ability to activate multiple types of the adrenergic receptors to treat all the symptoms

b.  Epinephrine is the only adrenergic agonist that may be given parentally

c.  Other adrenergic agonist have more severe adverse effects and are not safe in the dose is needed to treat anaphylaxis 




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