3 double spaced page essay

Your next writing assignment is to write a critical analysis essay of about 3 pages in length on The story “The darling” by Anton Chekhov. . Focus your analysis on the following elements of literature:


  • character


Once again, follow these guidelines in writing your essay:


·       Include a properly formatted title of your own creation that relates in some way to the content of your paper.


·       Start with an Introduction that 1) includes the title and author of the story you are writing about, 2) gives a brief summary of the story, and 3) states your main idea or thesis about how the element of point of view or character or setting is important in the story.


·       Use the Body of your essay to focus on the most important aspects of the story as they relate to your thesis.  A hint for structuring your Body paragraphs: every traditional story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.  Be sure to include in your discussion an application of some of the key terms from class that relate topoint of view or character or setting, as the story unfolds.  Also, be sure to include at least three direct quotations (MLA style) from the story as support of what you write.


·       Write a Conclusion that does not simply restate your main idea but relates your analysis of the story to what you see to be its overall message or theme.  What is the main idea you think the story is trying to convey?


·       Include a properly formatted Work Cited entry for the story at the end of your paper.


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