1. An operational definition specifies the procedures and tools required for the measurement of a co

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1. An operational definition specifies the procedures and tools required for the measurement of a concept. True/False

2. A key step in an individual EBP effort is to integrate appraised research evidence with expertise and local contextual information. True/False

3. In the PICO acronym, the “O” component of clinical questions stands for Observation.True/False


4. Which is an example of a secondary source of literature?

            a. A summary and critique of another’s scholarly work

            b. An autobiography of a developer of a nursing theory

            c. An oral history of a nurse researcher

            d. An investigator’s report of a research study


5. The dependent variable is:

a. A characteristic or element of the human subjects involved in the study.

b. The quality, property, or characteristic identified in the problem.

c.The response or outcome that the researcher wants to understand.

d. A stimulus or activity that is varied by the researcher.


6. What is a characteristic of an independent variable?

  a. It is manipulated by the researcher

b. it can be identified only by changes in the dependent variable

c. It is the variable that is predicted to change

d. It varies with a change in the dependent variable


7. What is the determining factor for a researcher when selecting a qualitative research approach?


   a. The age and gender of the research participant

b. The availability of valid instruments to measure the phenomenon

c. The need to test a hypothesis

d. The nature of the research question


8. According to Craig and Dowding, which of the following issues present barriers to the implementation of evidence-based practice? Select all that apply.


Too much available evidence 

Organizational culture does not support evidence-based practice

There is a lack of systematic reviews that synthesize the current evidence 

The available qualitative evidence does not demonstrate the importance of the issue      

Gaps in the existing evidence

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